Ceramic vases made by Portuguese craftsmen can undoubtedly introduce your home to a warm and cozy atmosphere-this is our most important goal in the Cassandra series!


Worked with a skilled ceramic producer from Portugal. They are specialists in the production of elegant and special ceramic patterns-and the entire series is hand-shaped. So you'll find little details about the vases that you won't find anywhere else!


Vases of the Cassandra series are treated with a layer of reactive glazing. The glazing will make the colour tone a little different. We don't think it's a problem. Instead, we see it as a way to give each vase its own personal expression that you can bring home decorations.


We call it the interior home with the edge and the soul. Bring the Portuguese ceramic mood to your home and create a calm atmosphere of your own!

Cassandra Vase

SKU: DA00010746

    • Size: 16x16x35cm
    • Material: Ceramics
    • Weight: 1.28kg
    • Color: Silver Gray