The fattier the animal, the healthier and softer it is. Your home can display these characteristics by displaying Dekure's Chubby Cow décor.


This uncouth décor enlivens your home with class. It offers a relaxed and innocent ambience. The Chubby Cow makes you smile after a long day at work. When you are at home, you can truly relax and forget your worries. It measures 9.5x14x11cm, so it's noticeable no matter where you display it. The textured vintage finish gives the décor a rustic look. To spruce up your home, it doesn't take much effort. The fat cow is also weather-resistant and lightweight, allowing you to move it between your indoor and outdoor spaces whenever you need to.

Chubby Cow

SKU: DUS7415

    • Size: 9.5x14x11cm
    • Material: Resin