What's a beautiful story? Creating glass vases in our Dorinia series is a story worth sharing with you! Every vase is blown by skilled craftsmen and shaped in an old-fashioned way with great precision-through a hollow iron pipe. This is not just any ordinary vase, though. It is a vase designed with an eye for even the smallest details, details that can only be achieved by a skilled and competent hand-the hand of a true craftsman!


Also, the colour isn't just painted on the glass. It's into the glass so that the colour gets a deeper tone and a richer expression.


The Dorinia vases will give your home a unique mood with no doubt!

Dorinia Vase

SKU: DA00010741

    • Size: 18x18x25cm
    • Material: Glass
    • Weight: 1.10kg
    • Color: dark grey