These baskets are made from straw and seagrass. They come in a dark base with a seagrass-type top half that looks attractive in its natural and simple prettiness. This is the kind of basket which will be very versatile use in any part of your home. It is extremely useful to keep mess more sorted—in a children's room or in the kitchen or behind the car.


The baskets are sturdy and lightweight. They come with handles to make carrying them very easy. The weave is dense and soft and pliable, and the baskets will hold plenty of whatever you decide to use it for. The lower sections of the baskets are dark and thus add to their handmade beauty. The instrument sits well balanced on its round base and is very stable when fully loaded. The handles are on the sides and shaped and placed so that they won't swing. Will look nice wherever you plan to keep it.

Ebony Base Basket (Set of 2)

SKU: DBB472-2
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    • Size: L:35x35x38cm S:30x30x35cm
    • Material: Seagrass Straw