Banging doors when the wind picks up has always made you nervous, especially when children are running around the house. Or, if you want the door to be slightly ajar so that you can hear any noises in the baby's room, you'll need a doorstop - here's one that has not only the right features, such as easy portability and the right amount of weight but also something that is display-worthy and does look rather charming sitting there on the floor looking astute about its duty.


The doorstop is adorned with a beautifully crafted deer head with antlers. The rusty metal body and charming detailing combine to create a lovely antique look that is both elegant and timeless. If heavy doors and windy conditions are a concern in your home, consider installing it.


The doorstop measures 15 cm in height, 14 cm in length, and 9 cm in width.

Grande Deer Doorstop

SKU: DU2025

    • Size: 15x14x9cm
    • Material: Metal