Bring this lovely sheep décor to your home to provide you with a lovely yet country atmosphere. Take your childhood back when you watched cute sheep on the TV shows and add that part of your infantile life to your beautiful modern Australian home.


A decorative sheep, but also a great conversation starter. The arrival of guests will be riveted by this pretty decoration. It is made of high-quality resin, making it lightweight and weather-resistant. Its intricately carved design, which includes a light pink scarf and bright red boots, lends it an air of quirkiness and delight. It's ideal for filling empty spaces in your living room, patio, or porch. It's  also the ideal gift for a housewarming party or someone's birthday.

Sheep In Boots

SKU: DUS7421

    • Size: 24x18.5x21.5cm
    • Material: Resin