Ceramic vases made by Portuguese artisans can undoubtedly introduce a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home—this is our primary goal in the Cassandra series!

We collaborated with a skilled ceramic producer from Portugal. They specialize in the creation of elegant and one-of-a-kind ceramic patterns, and the entire series is hand-shaped. As a result, you'll discover details about the vases that you won't find anywhere else!


The Cassandra series vases have a layer of reactive glazing applied to them. The glazing will alter the color tone slightly. We don't see it as a problem. Instead, we see it as a way to give each vase its own personal expression that can be used to decorate your home.


We call it the interior home with a soul and an edge. Bring the Portuguese ceramic mood into your home and create your own calm atmosphere!

Cassandra Vase Dark Grey

SKU: DA00010745

    • Size: 18x18x15.5cm
    • Material: Ceramics
    • Weight: 0.78kg
    • Color: Silver Gray