The Stool Display Wash is a solidly constructed stool designed for practical functionality and long-term use. It is made of premium quality 100 percent natural wood that has been smoothened so that you can be assured that there are no sharp edges that could prick, cut, or hurt you. Aside from its many furniture functions, it is also visually appealing.

The Stool Display Wash is a shapely, sturdy, and stout piece of furniture that would be extremely useful in a variety of ways. It is portable, movable, and lightweight. As a result, it would be ideal for displaying items, particularly rustic-themed items such as terracotta planting pots, of which we have an abundance in stock.

Wash Display Stool

SKU: DWJ6805

    • Size: 25x25x12cm
    • Material: Wood
    • Color: Nature
    • Weight: 0.5kg